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CD günter möll  - "so far so good"

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    günter möll - so far so good

günter möll: guitars and sequencing, jürgen seefelder: saxes,
stephan zimmermann: trumpet and fluegelhorn, günter bollmann: trombone, capo mayer: bass,
peter lübke, andi nolte, philipp zdebel: drums, jürgen peiffer: drums and percussion,
music composed, arranged, recorded and produced by günter möll,
except for "body and soul": lyrics and music by edward heyman,
robert stur, frank eyton and johnny green
percussion on "back on earth","simply a handshake","three on a tree" and drums on
"depends on u" by jürgen peiffer, recorded by jürgen peiffer at ton up-studio
mixed by thomas schmid, ttotal time: 77:10, mastered by adrian von ripka at tonstudio bauer, ludwigsburg
18.-€ incl. postage

samples from "so far so good" click names to listen
Sample: SohoSample: Il MulinoSample: a quiet flightSample: depends on uSample: back on earthSample:  brasilian sunriseSample: reeling

sheet music / Noten

Score and single voices of

"Concierto for Jazz-Guitar and Orchestra"

("The Beauty and the Priest")
score and single voices

1 guitar (improvising jazz artist), 2 flutes (1st. doubling picc., 2nd goubling alto), 
2 oboes (2nd doubling english horn),2 clarinets in Bb (2nd. doubling b.cl.), 
2bassoons (2nd. doupling bbsn.), 2 horns in F, two trumpeds in Bb, 1 bass trombone, 
1 percussion, Strings. ca. 24min.

Partitur Orchesterstück

60,-€ (incl.postage)

Score and single voices of

"Transition Man"

for flute, viola and classical guitar

Partitur Transition Man

30.-€ incl, postage


Out of the Blue

Chamber music for flute, clarinet in Bb, Violin and Guitar

Out of the Blue

Samples of the score and the single voices and mp3 demos on demand

30.-€ incl, postage



















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