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31.10.2018: premiere of my composition

"Tendencies-Ten Dances" (mvt.#1,#2+#3)

at: "Rathaussaal" (old cityhall, "Maket Place") in Bretten
by: the chanber-music ensemble "EDEN", founder and md: Janosch Korell,
commissioned by EDEN (Würzburg), with subvention from the
Baden-Würtemberg "Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst"
(Ministry of Science, Research and Arts).
The Concert takes place in cooperation with "Jazzclub Bretten"












Condensed info 2015

Taught by Ludwig Kottner and Stephan Dietz.
Masterclass-workshops with Leo Brouwer and Barney Kessel.
Studied at "PH-Karlsruhe" and "Munich Jazz School"
Concerts, club - performances (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), countles Radio, TV and
LP/CD productions as guitarist, composer, and producer in collaboration with:
Zipflo Reinhardt, Klaus Weiss, Mal Waldron, NDR Big - Band Wolfgang Dauner, Eberhard Weber,
Bill Frisell, Bill Elgard, Lee Harper, Yuko Gulda, Manfred Bründl, Roman Schwaller,
Frank StPeter, Ihsan Turnagöl, Matthias Bröde, Bobby Stern, Jochen Schaal, Johannes Schädlich,
David LaPedo, Charles Campbell, Wilson DeOliveira, Jens Bunge, Peter Christel,
Capo Mayer, Gunnar Plümer, Christoph Haberer, Jürgen Seefelder, Volker Schäfer, Wolf Mayer, Tommy Baldu,
Matthias Dörsam, "SYMPHONISCHES ORCHESTER ZUERICH" ,Dirik Schilgen, Michael Kersting,
Hiram Mutschler, Guillherma Marchena, JensBunge, Thomas Cremer, Stephan Zimmermann,
David Haynes, Pia Grees und Matthias Kläger, Christian Ramond, Felix Asor, Andy Nolte, Philipp Zdebel,
Anke Helfrich, Peter Lübke, Jürgen Peiffer, Matthias Dörsam, Uli Gutscher, Günter Bollmann, Nicole Metzger,
Jean-YvesJung, Katha Groß, Volker Engelberth, Rainer Granzin, Joe Völker, Peter Götzmann,...

Since 1983 intensive study of contemporary coposition and production techniques
(music - computers and computer - music) and their linkcage to conventional methods.

Temporarely working in a teaching position at "Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg"
(jazz-guitar, theory). Teaching different workshops.
Worked as composer, and arranger for amongst others: Thomas Freitag, Werner Schneyder,
several broadcasting stations such as ARD, ZDF, jingles, stage - music, film scores.

Own projects, composition "Transition Man" commissioned by the chamber - music ensemble
TRIO CON BRIO, Stuttgart, with subvention from the Baden Würtemberg Endownment
of the Arts and premiered on the Festival for Contemporary Music in Schwetzingen,
recording of this composition by the Südwestfunk - Radio and Radio Bremen.

Composes for the "Fraunhofer Institut" and "Argos Gameware"
Wrote the music to the Peter Zingler film.ALLES NUR TARNUNG (LIFE IS A BLUFF) starring
Elke Sommer, Mario Adorf and others.
"Alles nur Tarnung" Trailer

Composer and Soloist : "Concerto for Jazz-Guitar and Orchestra"
commissioned and performed by SYMPHONISCHES "ORCHESTER ZUERICH" conducted
by Daniel Schweizer Premiere in April 2001 at "Tonhalle Zuerich".

2006 - 2008
Premiere of "A Spiral Staircase" (for two classical Guitars) at "Musica Nova" fesival in
Reutlingen by "Duo Grazioso" (Guitars: Pia Grees und Matthias Kläger)

"Transition Man" performed inToronto (Canada) und Nacy (France) by "TRIO CON BRIO"
Andrea Förderreuther -guitar, Carolin Kriegbaum -viola, Juhannes Husted -Flute, broadcasted by SWR2

Florida premiere of "Transition Man" in Sarasota performed by"TRIO VOILÀ"
Tennessee premiere performed by members of the
"STONES RIVER CHAMBER PLAYERS" (Middle Tennessee State University)
Deanna Little -flute, Andrea Dawson - violin, William Yelverton -guitar.
recorded and broadcasted by "Nashville Public Radio - WPLN"

2014 USA premiere of "Out of the Blue" at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro Tennessee
by Deanna Little -flute, Andrea Dawson - violin, Todd Waldegger - clarinet, William Yelverton -guitar

2018 premiere of "Tendencies - Ten Dances" (Movements #1, #2 and #3" of 10)
for stringquartet and jazzquartet
by "EDEN" at: "Rathaussaal" in Bretten
supported by the
Baden-Würtemberg "Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst"


Günter Möll: guit. & comp., Paul Stoltze: ts., Stephan Zimmerman: tp.& flh,
Nico Siebert: as., Thomas Stabenow: b, Christian Huber: dr.

Das Brettener Gitarrensyndikat

with: Günter Möll, Alexander Vallon, Jannik Arbogast, Marvin Gerhardt, Dieter Gross

Moell in Concert



































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